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It was one fine morning some years back, that India woke up to the realisation that it was one of 
the world’s youngest countries with 54% of the population below the age of 25. And it was this
one realisation that changed the future of brand Van Heusen in India.



Each time you shop with us, you will be awarded points based on the value of your purchase.
These points can be redeemed at any of our exclusive stores across India for more Van Heusen
merchandise of your choice.

What’s more, you have year long access to previews of new collections, invitations to fashion
evenings, as well as other out of store privileges that match your lifestyle.

Depending on your shopping profile, you can be a Gold, Silver or Classic member of The Power

A snapshot of your privileges depending on your membership status:

Your Privileges Classic Silver Gold

In store personal assistance

Exclusive trial rooms at select locations

Home delivery of altered garments

Valet facilities at select locations

Pick-up / drop for garment exchanges

Alerts / Exclusive previews of new collections

Alerts / Exclusive sale previews

In-store stylists (on special occasions)

Exclusive Trial Rooms

You will have exclusive trial rooms at select locations.

Pick-up and drop for garment exchanges

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goal is to delight the consumers with service excellence in a world-class ambience. As part of 
this endeavour, the following have been implemented:

Store Standard Operating Procedures to enhance and standardise store operations

Consumer feedback and complaint processes to capture consumer opinion and closely
engage with the consumer

Store engagement processes to effectively manage store staff recruitments, training,
evaluation and reward mechanisms

A franchisee framework to enhance the quality of relationship with franchisees

A Brand Retail Identity guide to express and standardise the brand point of view in terms of 
looks and ambience in retail

Projects and store launch processes to ensure quality of store launches. The intent is to
launch the store well in all respects so as to meet consumer expectations in terms of store
ambiance, merchandise and quality of service

A Mystery Shopper Programme to monitor the level of adoption of the above initiatives at
store and identify areas of improvement

Store score cards to capture performance of stores across key parameters and plug
performance gaps

As the different brands expand geographically, the range of product offerings to the consumers
has also gone up. Madura Fashion & Lifestyle has implemented robust and scalable retail-related
IT infrastructure and applications to manage the complexity of the business.

Going forward, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle expects a substantial part of its revenues to come
from retail. The substantial strength it derives from its current retail footprint, retail processes
and infrastructure will enable Madura Fashion & Lifestyle to capture the growing opportunities
which India has to offer.

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