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TitleVena Verga - Stat Con Reviewer
TagsStanding (Law) Statutory Interpretation Bill (Law) Veto Supreme Courts
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Table of Contents
                            V.Legislative intent, generally
VI.Legislative purpose
VII.Legislative meaning
VIII.Matters inquired into in construing a statute
IX.Source of legislative intent
X.Construction is a judicial function
XI.Legislature cannot overrule judicial construction
XII.When judicial interpretation may be set aside:
XIII.When court may construe statute:
XIV.Court may not construe where the statute is clear.
III.Revision and Codification
Rule:  Repeals by implication not favored
Repeal of a statute does not destroy or impair rights that accrued and became vested under the statute before its repeal.
Distinction as to effect of repeal and expiration of law

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