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TitleWarhammer Ancient Battles by Cry Havoc - The Italian Wars: 1494-1534 - The Venetians
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                            During the period covered by this list, Venice undertook territorial expansion in Italy, successfully conquering Brescia and in 1420 the Friulli regions. In 1487, Venice fought the War of Ferrara, which resulted in further territorial acquisitions and was notable as the first mainland use of her Albanian and Greek Stradiotti troops. The Venetians also lured away the Turkish light cavalry troops recruited by the Neapolitans, and recruited a number of troops from the Balkans, some of whom were Bosnian, others Turkish and others Croatian. The practise of hiring Muslims, was seen as scandalous by the other Italian states, and such troops could expect to receive little mercy.
Venice remained neutral during Charles VIII’s initial invasion, but was galvanised into action amidst concerns that Italy would become a province of France. Following Fornovo, the Venetians aided the Milanese at the siege of Novara, which succeeded in expelling the French from Lombardia. An amphibious assault captured the ports of Otranto and Brindisi on the Apulian coast. However, the Venetians eventually deserted their Milanese allies and allied with France against Milan in 1499.
Despite their poor performance at Fornovo, the Venetians maintained large, well-organised armies, which included forces drawn from throughout Italy and Venice’s possessions in the Balkans and the Greek Islands. Venetian armies, included large numbers of trained citizen militias recruited from the Terra Firma.
Early List 1450-1508
	Late list 1508-1534
	While on the whole, Condottieri captains preferred to lead cavalry, they were on occasion required to lead infantry. This entry can also be used to represent infantry Constables.
		0-1 per 1,000 points Swordsman

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