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If you go down to the woods today,
you are sure of a big surprise!


hardly a teddy bear'spicnic.

I Lurking behind the trees are
I Skeletons and Dwarfs, and the

forces of good and evil.

* * . .

WARHAMMER fantasy game
system. It contains complete I rulesforplayerstoleadentire
armies into terrible and bloody

and destroy with the Forces of
conflict. Wreak havoc, rampage -
Evil,.-or champion freedbrn as a - - +
caPtain.df the Hosts of Good.

FORCES OF FANTASY gives you ruls'br .& - Fighting Battalions I . 8;

*Wer~es and Wizards " Engines of wag-* Fighting Fantasy Battles -.*.
*.'. Chariots " Mustering Armies * Painting and Collecting Fantasy

' @ . ~ 4 r

-&mies * Regiments * New Magic and Creatures * Power Weapons
h C l

Rune Weapons * Additional Magical Items * and more. . lir

Note that FORCES OF FANTASY is not a
complete game in its own right. You will need
WARHAMMER in order to use the material I described above.

I=' I I4 -

FORCES OF FANTASY and WARHAMMER are available in better shops
everywhere or, in case of difficulty, available at 85.95 each plus 50p postage
from Citadel Miniatures, 10 Victoria Street, Newark, Notts (Tel: 0636 77495).
Please make cheques payable to C mes Workshop Ltd.


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Dlookat you. You drop your backpack by the hearth and sit at an empty great quest. Word has been sent far and wide, and adventu~ers ham
table, your broadsword carefully propped against the chair. come here from many leagues away to apply fortheposition. The c?n-

The landlord pours you abwhilewhispersflitamong the other pat- dida-lected by Hogron and his brothers stands to profit richly.
rons. 'I suppose they are unused to seeing an adventurer in a town After&ing full detailsfrom the innkeeper, you take a room forthe
su,ch as this,' you say to hjm. night. lnthentorning, you ariseand havea light breakfast. Rebshed,

Allow me to correct you,' he repliescheerfully. 'Lately, adventurers you set out briskly for the Greengosh estates at the west of the town.
have been as thick as flies on the back of an old horse. My other cus- You are confidentthatthe interviewsare a mere formality and thar you
tomers are surely discussing your chances on the morrow. Aha I Look will be selected for the quest.
there.' He gestures towards two men counting money. 'I believe, The Greengosh mansion is an imposing edifice in somethim/ acres
Logbrewthe miller has just wagered five silvers on your acceptance.' of grounds. Agaunt servant in a blackcoat opens the door and escolrts

You lean forward, interested now, and motion the innkeepertosit down. you upstairs to a room off a long gallery. Shortly, you are joined by a
'Please join me for a glass of wine and explain all this to me. I have just well-groomed man of about forty who introduces himself as Hogron.
arr;ived intown aftera long trekthrough the uninhabitedforesttotheeast.' After afew questions relating to your previous adventuresand prefer-

Well then, you will not have heard of the interviews tomorrow. red fighting technique, he jots down some notes in a ledger hecarries.
Hogron, head of the wealthy and prestigious Greengosh family since He tells you the interviewsare nearly all complete and so you will not
his father's death some months ago, seeks to hire a warrior for some have to wait long. Then he leaves. Turn to 1.

After a few hours, sed. You sllnk out of the house The right-hand tunnel pouch. You creep up the path to 1 : Hogron callsthe candi- and wait to follow Salakar when 1 1 : leadsto a low-ceilinged the cave. You can see the giant
dates to the main hall. You look he emerges. Turn to 80. chamber. You can return to the just inside, chewing on a leg (not I
around at the others, Most seem caveentrance (turn to211 orenter hisown)for lunch. You draw your
to be scoundrels or opportunist , Whether or not you the chamber (turn to 49). sword and attack. Take 3 points
ruffians, but there are one or two 5 . werethe original cham- off the giant's initial Constitution
whoseexploits rival yours. pion, Hogron is delighted you . If you are Salakar,turn for the wound Salakar did him.

Hogron steps forward. 'After broughtthe magical boots.'Excel- 1 2 . to 33. If not, turn to 72. Turn to 82.
due and careful consideration of I lent!' he cries, showing the boots
the, er, corroboratedadventures to his brothers. 'Wearing these, You return to where you 19 . You flipthe lid of the of each candidate, my brothers you will be able to travel to the 1 3 : gotthe blue satin glovks. chest open. Roll w o
end I have chosen Salakar as our demon's cast!e and free my You can replace them ifyou like (if dice, trying to score your Clever-
champion.' father's soul! you still have themk Go to 34. nesssr less. If you succeed, turn

You are horrified to see Hogron You smile nervously at them, to 20. If you fail, turn to 32.
clasp hands with Salakar, whom but your're in too far to back out 14. You lurk in the corridor you have always regarded as a now. Turn to 104. . outsidethe main hall, Phew! Yau were j m
loudmouthed braggart! A dis- trying to listen to what Hogron is 20. . qulckenough . t o w e
gruntled murmur from some of . Your pride prevents you telling Salakar. You hear him say three sharp needles that shot out
the other candidates is silenced 6. from continuing thead- something about getting some of the lock and flew past your ear.
by the five pieces of gold each is venture. But you have only I h o t s . Try to roll your They were probably poisoned.
given for his trouble. You take enough gold for a few more days Cleverness or less on two dice. If Turn to 79.
your gold with bitter heart, trying at the inn, then you must move you succeed, turn to 4. If you fail,
to think of a way to cancel or on. A balladeer tells you that turn to 87. 21 , You are just insidethe reverse Hogron's decision and Salakar's seven brothers are all . cave mouth. You can
make yourself champion. Do you: great warriors who will be after . Salakar is still the cham- see two tunnds lead iy away.
Challenge Salakarto a duel to you from now on. Perhaps you 1 5 I pion.You hearfrom the You will need a lantern if you wish
show who is the more worthy will accept Hogron'soffer after all. innkeeper's daughter that he is to go down elthertunrrel. Youcan
champion? If so, turn to 91. Turn to 101. aboutto set out. You decide tofol- take the lefttunnel (turn to 771, the
Suggestthattwo of you would be low him -something will turn up. righttunnel (turn to 11) or leave
better off than one? If so, turn to&. 7 : Your treachery has paid Turn to 80. thecave (turn to 83). Leave now but wait outside the off -Salakar lies dead at
mansion, and follow Salakar? If so, yourfeet. Being the sort of cur you 16: You goon intothe hills 22 : You stand over Saiakar's turn to 80. Wait outside the hall are, you decide to loot his body. for almost an hour. body. Several ofthe
and eavesdrop on what Hogron You get 12 gold pieces. There is a Salakarseemsto be following the other candidates watch, aghast.
hastosay to his new champion? If silver amulet around his neck. If stream. Suddenly a rabble of hill There isa moment of silence.You
so,turn to 14. AttackSalakar right you take it, note it down on your goblins leap out of the trees turn to Hogron, whose expre-ion
now? If so, turn to 85. AdventureRecord.You lose 1 point nearby, hurling rocks and small mingles shock and distaste. 'An

of Honour, by the way. That's if javelins. Roll one die. On a roll of interesting way to estatvlish your . You are now Salakar. you had any left. Now go to 16. 1-3 you have been hit by one mis- credentials,' he sighs, obviously 2. Your initial characteris- sile. On a 4-5, two have hit. On a 6 offended by your churlishness.
tics are: Fighting Prowess: 8; 8 , Hogron accuses you of you have been hk by three mis- 'The position of champion Constitution: 1 1 ; Cleverness: 7; . murdering Salakar, and siles. Armour subtractsfrom each appears to have become vacant.
Magical Fortitude: 5. has you seized and thrown from missile's damage separately. Perhaps you will accept the jarb in

You have 2-point armour the mansion. You hadn'tfound Take any damage off your Con- Salakar's place?'
(chainmail), standard equipment, the magical boots anyway so (as stitution. Before you can retaliate, YOU feel the weight of hi8mWh
12 gold pieces, and a silver amulet Hogron yells to you now from an the goblins scatter and run off. censure- lose 1 point of O W r .
which marks you out as the upstairs window) you couldn't Turn to 62. Perhaps you will behave&re
Greengosh family's champion, expect to be paid. You can rejoin chivalrously in future. perhaps'

You have no potions, and no the adventure next issue. 17 . Salakar's lance hurls not. Turn to 101. Honour either. Hogron told you . you from the saddle. wT"?3Y-
something about getting a crystal Salakarmanagestostay You hit the ground with a jarring , Turnto29. '. . ?+;;a

Inthesaddle. Hewheels impact that makes your head ball andtheashes of asaint,along 9 : . 23. . .*, . " .
with some other items. None of around, levels his lance, and swim. Try to roll Constitution or - * 2-x~. I k- i:Giy- CP
that matters for now - you just charges again. You spur your less on four dice. If you succeed, . You are satisfied to see
have to find a certain cave up in horse on, determined to unseat turn to 90. If you fail, turn to 67. 24 , your lancestrike
the hills and get some magical him this time. Roll for both of you Salakar's shield with bone-
boots that Hogron says are hid- to se if you hit. If you hit Salakar 18 . You rush overto Salakar crunching impact. Your own den there. Simple. Turn to 53. but he missed you then turn to24. . He iscoughing blood- shield is barely scratched by his

If Salakar hit you but you missed he hasn't long to live. 'I've failed, inaccurate blow. Roll one die and 3. YOU are some kind o f him,turn to86. If you both hit, turn he groans, 'but you can carry on add 3 to determine the damage . suckerfor pdhishment. to39. If you both missed, you turn the quest. At least wipe out that forthis mighty blow! Heseemsto
Again you lose Constitution (one for another charge. Roll again giant for me. Here ... take this.' He have lost his contempt for you
die's worth). You give up on the until someone hits. gives you a silver amulet from now. Hecould bethrown from the
pool for now. You can try the around his neck. 'That malces you saddle - roll two dice and com-
stone slab (turn to 52) or return to The liquid'in the pool the Greengosh family champion. pare the score with Salakar's
the entrance (turn to 21). 1 0 : looksstrange. It is prob- In case Hogron thinks you killed Cleverness. If the dice score is

ably magical. What do you want me for it, tell him you know he more than his Cleverness, turn to
Aservant nearly spot- to do? Put on the long gloves (if you needs a saint's ashes and a crystal 71. If the score is lessthan or equal 4 : ted you, but you heard havethemland pull the lever (turn ball. In the first place, though, to his Cleverness, turn to 9.

him coming and dived behind a to 65)? Take off the silver amulet you've got to get some magical
tapestry. You go back to listen at (if you have it) and pull the lever boots from the cave up there. 25. ~ 6 u are in a small
the door, and hear Hogron saying (turn to23)? Drink from the pool You allow yourself but a . chamberwith a wooden
something about the ashes of a and then pull the lever (turn to moment of pity as your old rival chest in the middle of the floor.
saint and a crystal ball. There 75)? Reconsider y o u 5 ~ iions passesfrom this world. Then you You can try to open it (turn to 19)
could be a lot more that you mis- (turn to 50)? . I -!l%*$,,bi:milchthe 12qoldpieces in hi&&- or go back (turn to 211.- .-.a,:

Page 29

26 . Hogron will brief you . on your adventure
tomorrow. You decide to
return to your room at the inn.
As midnight approaches, you
hear a creaking sound. Someone
iscoming in through thewindow!
You leap out of bed and grasp
your sword. Your assailant is a
black-garbed assassin.

Assassin: Fighting Prowess: 5,
Constitution: 6, I-point armour.

Fight. You are naked at the
moment, so your chainmail
armour will not count. If you win,
turn to63. If you lose,turn to48. If
the assassin rolls a 12 on two dice
when trying to hit you, turn to 96.

27. You burn thetroll's . corpse and take the
boots. They are covered with
strange runes andsigils. You take
them back to town. Turn to 5.

Congratulations on kill- 28. . . ing a defenceless old
man. Lose a point of Honour. You
retrieve your dagger and decide it
is time to.get away before you're
discovered. You creep out of the
mansion and conceal yourself in
the bushes likethe worm that you
are. You wait for Salakar to come
out and then follow him.Turn to80.

29 . Ashiver runsthrough . yourwhole body as
your fingers thrust into the pool.
Roll one die. You lose this many
points of Constitution - and
armour does not protect you. You
jump backfrom the pool. You can
return to the cave mouth (turn to

361, try and push the stone slab
aside (turn to 41) or take some
special precautions (turn to 10).

30 . You are dead. If you . wish to have another
go at'the adventure, roll up a new
character and start at the begin-
ning. If you don't like the idea of
winding back time like that, it is
possibte to join at the beginning
of next issue's adventure.

31 . Salakar does not get up. . He has been knocked
cold by the fall from his horse.
Turn to 37.

32 : Three sharp needles fly out ofthe lockand strike
you on thecheek. You feel a burn-
ing pain where they scratched
you. Poison. Try to roll your Con-
stitution or less on four dice. If you
succeed, turn to 69. If you fail, turn
to 30.

33 . A pesky adventurer, . disgruntled at not being
selected as champion, foElowd
you and tried to cause trouble.
You tell Hogron how you finished
him off, but Hogron is more con-
cerned that you haven't brought
back the magical boots. He pays
you a derisory 5 gold pieces and
shows you the door. You can try
the whole adventure from the
beginning, using a new character,
or you can join atthe beginning of
next issue's adventure.

34 . You are back atthe cave . mouth. Acouple of rats
are chewing on the giant's body,
but they scuttle into the shadows
as you approach. You can takethe
left-hand tunnel (turn to l3), the
right-hand tunnel (turn to 92) or
go back to town (turn to 43).

35 . Struggling to remain . conscious, you get to
your feet. A squire runs up and
gives you yoursword. Salakar has
already got his sword ready and
is closing in. You fight. If you win,
turn to 37. If you lose, turn to 48.

36 . You are backatthe . cave mouth. You can
take the left-hand tunnel (turn to
61) or the right-hand one (turn to
100). Or you can leave the cave
(turn to 81).

37 : You have beaten Salakar. Hogron rushes
forward. 'How can I apologize to
you for my misjudgement?' he
says. 'I see now that Salakar's
great deeds were nothing beside
your own. He won me over with
his empty boastfulness, but I can
see nowthat your noble reticence
disguised a fierce and peerless
skill. Please forgive me for my
wretched stupidity# and agree t?
become our family's champion.

You think there is a strong ele-
ment of sarcasm in Hogron's
obsequious manner. If you turn
him down, go to 6. If you agree to
become the champion in Salakar's
place, turn to 101.

38 . Hogron comes forward . 'You havecertainly
shown more skill than Salakar.
Since he himself offered you the
choice of competition, I feel sure
he will agree that you should be

our champion In hls place.'
He gives Salakarten gold pieces

for his trouble. The expression on
Salakar's face suggests you may
have madea lifelong enemy. Turn
to 26.

Both your lancesfind . theirtargets. Roll one 39.
die and add 3. This is how much
damage you take; your chainmail
armour absorbs 2 points of this.
Roll thedamage to Salakar aswell.

Each of you must roll Cleverness
or less-on two dice or be thrown-
from the saddle. If you both make
it, turn to 64. If you make the roll
and he doesn't, turn to 71. If he
makes the roll and you don't, turn
to 17. If neither of you makes it,
turn to 98.

40 :. Do you have the silver amulet Salakarwas
wearing? If so, turn to 56. If not,
turn to46.

41 : All your strength can- not budge the stone
slab. You must find some other
way to get into the tunnel beyond.
You could try pulling the lever in
the pool (turn to 29), though you
might Iiket take some precautions
first (turn to 10). If you wish to go
backtothecave mouth, turn to36.

42 . Several of the other . candidates pull you and'
Salakar apart. You hear someone
say you are a sore loser. The
.taunts don't hurt as much asthe 2
Hqnour pojnts you've just lost.

Obvibusly you are a thoroughly
unworthy knavel' cries Hogron,
shaking with rage. 'To disturb a
bereaved household with your
coarse and objectionable ways1
You have merely confirmed my ...
our opinion that Salakar is the
right man forthe job. Now begone.'

You are unceremoniously hurl-
ed intothe street. There is noth~ng
for it butto wait and follow Salakar
when he comes out. You'll find
some way to redeem yourself-or
bring about Salakar's demise,
perhaps? Turn to 80.

44. Hogron comes over . after examining the
butts. 'You have scarcely
demonstrated your overwhelm-
Ing superiority,' he says to you.
'My decision stands - Salakar o!
the Wild Moor is our champion.
You leave, deciding that the best
thing isto follow Salakarwhen he
begins his adventure. Turn to 80.

Salakar laughs deris- 45' - ~vely. 'Pah! Why should
I want to team up with you?' he
chortles. 'So few people have
been witness to your 'mighty
deeds'that one is forced to !is-
miss them as your own lies.
Resentment boils up within you.
The reason there's no-one to cor-
roborate your greatest exploits is
that you prefer to adventure
alone. You could relate some of
your most daring exploits (turn to
941, or challenge Salakarto a duel
to show him just how skilled a
warrior you really are (turn to 91).
Come to that, you could draw your
sword an/d attack him here and
now (turn to 85).

46 . Hogron glves you a

Hogron gives you 5 gold pieces
and has you shown out. If you
want, you can roll up a new
character and try the whole
adventure through from the start.
Or you can keep this character and
join at the beginning of next
issue's adventure. . .
47 . You run out of Green- . gosh mansion. No-one

follows you. You are pretty certain
that the servant would not recog-
nize you if he saw you again. You
wait behind a tree. When Salakar
comes out you follow him. Turn
to 80.

48 : Unfortunately you are dead. If you wishto
continue the adventure, roll a new
character. Your new character has
heard all about the Greengosh
family's requirements from reject-.
ed candidates. You decide to follow
their champion, Salakar, when he
begins his quest. Turn to 80.

49 . There is a pool of shim- mering blue liquid in
the middle of this chamber.
Beyond this is a heavy stone slab
which appears to block up a tur
nel. The pool is about eighteen
inches deep with some sort of
lever at the bottom.

What do you wantto do? Return
to the cave entrance (turn to 21)?
Reach into the pool and pull the
lever (turn to 59)? Try to push the
stone slab aside (turn to 52)?

50 . In the middle ofthe chamber isa pool of
bright blue liqu~d. A heavy stone
slab blocks another tunnel on the
far side of the chamber. The pool
isabout eighteen ~nchesdeep and
has some sort of dever at the bot-
tom. Do you want to: Go back to
the cave entrance (turn to 36)?
Reach into the pool and pull the
lever (turn to 29)? Try to push the
stone slab aside (turn to411,Take
some precautions (turn to lo)?

51 . Whatever excuses you . make don't impress
Hogron. Turn to 8.

52 . Theslab is obviously . blocking anothertun-
nel. You cannot shift i t - even the
giant would have had trouble.
You can reach into the pool and
pull the lever (turn to59) or return
to the entrance (turn to 21).

53 . Aftera while you find . the caveset in the hill
side. Stealthily you followthe nar-
row path which snakestowards it.
There are human skulls scattered
around, but you aren't so easily
frightened. Inside, with his back
to you,sits a giant chewing on the
leg of his last victim. You decid
to attack. Turn to 82.

54 , You hurl the dagger. . Try to roll your Fighting
Prowess or less on two dice. If you
succeed, roll one die to see hov
much damage the dagger does
Unless you kill the servant with
this one throw (he has a Constitu-
tion of 3 and, of course, no

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If you enjoy fantasy &-piaying
gams but only have time for n quCrlr
dvenhre, then TALISMAN 19 the

fbr you. It Is a d q n e game
which bridges the gap between board
games and role-playing brought to
you by Ga-es Workshop.

yoa must go on a dangerous quest to
~ t h e ~ ~ . B u t ~ ,

I traps and sinister places await your
player-character. Only with skill and

bmery wiII you survive.

TALISMAN is the ingenious creation
of Robert Harris and is beautifully
illustrated by Gary Chalk. See it in
your local games or hobby shop now.

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CL;- '
- /And Knight' Hawks is dm a great

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