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TitleYe Bok of ye Art Magical
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Total Pages60
Table of Contents
[Pentagram of Solomon]
[Exhortation to the Magician]
On Magic
Magic Knives
1st Oath
Of the Wine
Invocation [Garbling of Crowley's "La Fortune"]
Concecrations [sic]
"Blessed be"
"Holy Writ"
Ritual of the Pentagram from Regardie
Opening of circle
Warning to Postulant
The Divine Seal (kabbalistic diagram)
[Excerpt from Key of Solomon]
Barbarous Names [paraphrased from Crowley]
The Circle
Robes of Art [from K of S]
Of the Ordeal of the Art Magical
[More excerpts from K of S]
[Part of an initiation ritual]
[Another initiation ritual]
[A third initiation ritual]
[Excerpt from Book 4 part 2 on scourge, dagger and chain]
[More excerpts from K of S]
[More quotes from Bible]
Of the Bloody Sacrifice [adapted from Magick in Theory and Practice]
[Another excerpt from K of S]
[Conjuration from the Goetia]
to Help the Sick
[Excerpt from Goetia]
Cordial Poppy Water
[Priestess speech from Liber XV]
"Talmud" [passage on Names of God in Judaism]
[More passages on Kabbala]
[Passage on cats]
"ye Kabilistical Tree of Life"
"Ye Kabalah" [excerpt from Mathers Kabbalah Unveiled]
Leviter Veslis
[Sabbat Rituals]
Document Text Contents
Page 2

This is a transcription found on the Internet publishing site

of “Ye Bok of ye Art Magical,” a magick / ritual notebook kept by Gerald

B. Gardner, which was for a time in the possession of Ripley’s

International in Toronto, Canada. This notebook is largely of interest

as containing the earliest known versions of many of Gardner’s Wicca

rituals and instructions.

The present copy appears to have been scanned from a bound photocopy of

the transcription. The transcriber generally seems to have made no

attempt to reproduce pagination of the original MS. notebook. Several

pages were omitted from the copy found, according to notes at the bottom

of pages preceding the omitted material this consisted entirely of

excerpts from the Mathers-Crowley Goëtia.

Any information on the provenance of this transcription would be

appreciated. I can be contacted through scribd (handle wombat23) or the

Celephaïs Press blog (

--Raven Dancingstar

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