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YÖKDİL – Fen I/2017


1 – 20. sorularda boş bırakılan yerlere uygun
düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz

1. Some people prefer hearing ---- stories to new

ones, probably because they find brand-new

tales confusing.

A) constant B) prone

C) complex D) familiar

E) innovative

2. Bats may ----- the most sophisticated wings in

the animal kingdom which allow them to fly

fast and pursue insects during flight.

A) provide B) implement

C) possess D) diminish

E) occur

3. The ice in the Arctic sea has shown a ----

steady decline, whereas the one in the south

changed dramatically.

A) negligibly B) diligently

C) similarly D) suspiciously

E) relatively

4. Scientists say the amount of ---- in the Pacific

Ocean is on the rise just like heavily polluted

Chinese rivers.

A) contributions B) components

C) contaminants D) appraisals

E) branches

5. The potato disaster ---- in Ireland in the 1840s

and this famine killed about a million people.

A) put out B) broke out

C) ran out D) cut off

E) called off

6. Marine biologists are trying to ---- why healthy

sea creatures have been dying suddenly

along coastal areas around the world.

A) make up B) break into

C) turn down D) figure out

E) give in

7. Winston Churchill was known as a great

leader, yet now he is also known ---- being

curious---- alien life and the universe.

A) for / about B) with / into

C) by / from D) on / under

E) up / above

8. In order to curb the effects of global warming,

the increase ---- Earth's temperature needs to

be stabilized ---- no more than 3.6 degrees F.

A) on / at B) against / on

C) of / to D) from / for

E) in / at

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YÖKDİL – Fen I/2017


9. Currently an endangered species of antelope

------ in great numbers due to a disease in

Mongolia, and there ------ "catastrophic

consequences" for the fauna.

A) was dying / should be

B) dies / were

C) had died / are

D) is dying / could be

E) has died / would have been

10. Earth’s gravity ---- life possible by enabling

vital human activities, yet a weaker or a

stronger one ------ much lower chances of


A) had made / may mean

B) makes / would mean

C) is making / meant

D) can make / had meant

E) will have made / is meaning

11. ----- the benefits of individual skills with those

of living in an even larger group, many animal

species ----- their chances of survival.

A) To have combined / increase

B) To combine / had increased

C) Having combined / would have increased

D) To be combined / increased

E) Combining / can increase

12. The story of humanity ---- with our earliest

ancestors, who ---- in Africa around 7 million

years ago.

A) began / appeared

B) has begun / had appeared

C) would begin / will appear

D) begins / appears

E) will begin / appear

13. ---- people mature and gain more experience,

they gradually learn strategies to cope with

their emotions.

A) Even if B) As

C) Unless D) Lest

E) Whereas

14. ---- reptiles generally prey on smaller animals,

few reptiles such as the iguana are plant-


A) Before B) When

C) After D) Since

E) While

15. What are we going to do when our vital

supplies ---- fish dry up?

A) such as B) but for

C) as regards D) without

E) due to

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YÖKDİL – Fen I/2017


47. - 52. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye

anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

47. Mühendislik, 21. Yüzyılda kendi başına ayakta

kalabilen ender mesleklerden biri, belki de tek


A) Engineering is one of the rare occupations or

maybe the only one which can stand on its

own in the 21th century.

B) In the 21th century engineering is one of the

rare occupations that can stand by itself.

C) 21th century engineering is one of the rare

occupations which can stand on its own.

D) Engineering in the 21th century is one of the

challenging occupations or maybe the only one

which stands on its own.

E) 21th century engineering is a rare occupation

which is stil standing.

48. Bakanlık hayvancılığı desteklemediği takdirde,

ciddi bir et sıkıntısının olması kaçınılmazdır.

A) Unless the Ministry subsidizes cattle farming, a

serious meat shortage is inevitable.

B) The cattle farming subsidies decided on by the

Ministry have not tackle the meat shortage.

C) Although the Ministry decides to subsidize

cattle farming a meat shortage cannot be


D) Despite the Ministry’s decision to subsidize

cattle farming, meat is still in short supply

E) A shortage of meat will inevitable force the

Ministry to subsidies cattle farming.

49. Dünya’ nın geleceği, doğal kaynaklarımızı

bugün ne kadar verimli kullandığımıza bağlıdır.

A) We mustn’t ignore the the fact that the future of

our world relies on the way we use our natural

resources today.

B) For the future of the world, we must use our

natural resources in an efficient manner.

C) The future of the world relies on how efficiently

we use our natural resources today.

D) In future we will have to make a better use of

our natural resources than we do today.

E) An efficient conservation of our natural

resources today will assure a better future.

50. Matematik çalışmalarının belirli bir düzeye

ulaşmasıyla, bu alan astronomi çalışmalarına

destek olmaya başlamıştır.

A) When mathematical studies reached a certain

level, this discipline began assisting


B) Mathematical studies used to assist astronomy

at a certain level.

C) With mathematical studies reaching a certain

level, this discipline began supporting

astronomical studies.

D) Mathematical studies began supporting

astronomy when it reached a certain level.

E) When mathematical studies reached a certain

level, astronomy began supporting it.

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YÖKDİL – Fen I/2017


51. Bir canlının gelişme sürecinde en dikkate

değer yönlerden biri, organizmanın her bir

parçasının, büyürken, bir yandan da işlevini


A) One of the really fantastic aspects in the

development process of living beings is the

ability of parts of the organism to continue

functioning in the normal way.

B) The fact that any part of an organism can

function throughout the normal development

process of a living being is truly amazing.

C) One of the most remarkable aspects in the

development process of a living being is that

each part of the organism continues to function

as it grows.

D) The very fact that each part of an organism

continues to function as it grows is surely the

most fascinating aspect of the development

process of a living being.

E) Surprisingly enough, each part of an organism

continues to function even throughout the

development process itself.

52. Yağ ve kolesterol içeren et, süt, peynir ve

yumurta gibi çoğu gıdalar, aynı zamanda

yüksek nitelikli proteinleri ve değerli

vitaminleri içerir.

A) Meat, milk, cheese, eggs and many other

foods, which include fat and cholesterol, also

provide high-quality protein as well as all the

necessary vitamins.

B) Fat and cholesterol are contained in many

foods including meat, milk cheese and eggs,

but also they have some essential vitamins

and high-grade proteins.

C) Most of the high-quality protein and vitamin-

rich foods like meat, milk, cheese and eggs

also have fat and cholesterol.

D) Many high-quality proteins and useful vitamins

are mostly include in such foods as meat, milk,

cheese and eggs also have fat cholesterol

E) Most foods such as meat, milk, cheese and

eggs including fat and cholesterol also contain

high-quality proteins and valuable vitamins.

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YÖKDİL – Fen I/2017


74. The truth is that spraying around any private

information is risky. You might think that’s

overblown. As long as you have nothing to hide,

you have nothing to worry about. It’s not that

simple. Even if you’ve done nothing illegal or

immoral, faced with a database of every

photograph and comment you’ve ever shared

privately, friendships and business deals could

dissolve the world over. And there are plenty of

vulnerabilities. Although there are safeguards,

data can in theory be hacked, stolen or altered

at many points along the way. The system itself

is a bit complex. ---- . Whenever you upload text

or pictures, they are ferried to these farms by


A) Such an everyday occurrence will send
information on unexpected routes

B) The material displayed on the web is stored,
often in central server farms

C) You can attach it to an email in your Gmail app
and send it to your friends

D) Online banking has also been a matter of debate
in terms of security

E) Old cameras are the best way of keeping
private memories as they are

75. Developing a brand new rocket, aerospace

Rocket Lab has finally transported a finished

vehicle to New Zealand launch pad where it will

take first flight. ---- Compared to other major

missiles like the Falcon 9 or the Atlas V, it is

pretty small and light because it was designed

specifically to launch small satellites. That’s a

relatively light lift contrasted with the others.

But Rocket Lab isn’t interested in competing

with major players like SpaceX or the United

Launch Alliance. The company wants to

capitalize solely on what is called the small

satellite revolution, a trend of making space

probes as tiny as possible.

A) Typically, manufacturers spend years and
millions of dollars developing a satellite that’s
roughly the size of a bus.

B) But technology has advanced in recent years,
so companies have come up with ways to
miniaturize their satellites.

C) In contrast, the government did not support the

D) The rocket, called the Electron, has been tested
on the ground over the last year but has never
been flown to space before.

E) Since they are so compact, multiple probes can
be launched on a single rocket

76. – 80. sorularda verilen cümleler sırasıyla
okunduğunda anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi

76. (I) A new space probe has recently been launched

to observe the unknown dark planet Pluto. (II) The

expenditure of these project was covered by

International Space Association. (III) Though the

probe will travel faster than a bullet, it will take

about six years to reach Pluto. (IV) Then we will

have the first pictures of the planet and extensive

information about its atmosphere. (V) It will remain

in the orbit for about three years and continue

sending information about the structure of the

planet’s atmosphere.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

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YÖKDİL – Fen I/2017


77. (I) The odor of a flower can range from sweet like

vanilla to fresh. (II) It doesn’t smell good to please

humans but rather to attract “a specific pollinator”

that is, an insect or bird that will carry pollen from

one flower to another for reproduction.

(III) Different pollinators like different smells.

(IV) The actual odor is produced by volatile oils on

the hairy stems in the middle of the flower called

“osmophores”. (V) For example, bats like fruity

odors while butterflies prefer the plants smeeling

like rotten meat.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

78. (I) We are running out of space in which to discard

our garbage, and our current methods of disposing

of it are endangering the environment.

(II) Recycling, one solution to this problem, is the

process of collecting used materials and

manufacturing them into new products instead of

throwing them away. (III) Recycling is being done

worldwide, for example, in Germany it is a usual

practice. (IV) In this way the trash in overcrowded

landfills can be reduced. (V) Also materials that are

used to make new products can be reduced and

natural resources can be saved as well.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

79. (I) Earthquakes are a kind of catastrophes

occurring all over the world. (II) At any time you

may hear news about them with a lot of energy and

power or with small tremors that are seldom felt.

(III) Besides they are not just seen on land; huge

waves in the ocean can be caused by a kind of

underwater earthquake. (IV) In deep waters it is

sometimes hard to see enormous waves due to

earthquakes but when they reach the coast they

grow into large walls of water. (V) Most big cities

including Istanbul are not ready for a sudden

earthquake, though.

A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

80. (I) People are very interested in the future

because they are sure that it will be very

different from the past. (II) However, nobody

knows how the world will look like in the future.

(III) Some say that the progress in science and

technology will make life more comfortable and

machines will do the hard work for human

beings. (IV) There might have been special

robots for everybody and people would program

them according to their needs. (V) Others

speculate that the earth will be very crowded

and people from our planet will have to live in


A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V




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